Three for 30

Mark Hooper

Mark Hooper – Operations Manager

For me, Abatec Recruitment is unique and without peer as an employer, and partner to candidates and clients with the Construction and Engineering Recruitment arena across the South West.

That may seem like a rather broad and bold claim, and may also seem a little biased from one of the key people charged with ensuring our operation is successful, however, there are many reasons why I can back this statement with confidence and pride.

I have worked in recruitment for the best part of 15 years, and I have worked across all types of recruitment – contingency, retained executive search, volume and RPO. I have also managed large and small teams, and encountered all manners of targets, Key Performance Indicators, Activity Ratios, Incentives and Commission Structures. I have seen the perception of recruiters and recruitment consultants change, and many organisations struggle to identify with who they are and what they want to represent. I have encountered organisations who say the right things, but do none of them, and I have been amongst companies who offer short-term, knee-jerk solution and who very often are strategically naïve and short-sighted.

Recruitment companies are notorious for having high attrition, for burning consultants out, and who appear to have an impatience to push revenue and financial gain at the cost of employee security and progression, and ultimately to the detriment of the client and candidates.

When I was offered the opportunity to meet with Abatec, I was surprised, and continue to be reassured by the antidote that Abatec offer to all that I have written in the above paragraph.

Abatec’s strength is in it’s authenticity. In it’s expertise. In the care taken around new business but even more so when it comes to existing business and clients. Abatec offers innovative solutions but with old-fashioned etiquette and values around business. There is a loyalty and a pride in all that is done, and also an honesty and integrity around it.

I have always believed that a company is only as good as it’s employees and how it’s employees are valued and treated, and this mantra - whilst not by any means ground-breaking - is surprisingly often forgotten in the world of recruitment. The average length of service at Abatec is 6.5 years. There aren’t strict KPI’s or phone-bashing, or the late, late nights or culture of quick and fast revenue at Abatec. There is a trust, and a genuine camaraderie around the team. There is an all encompassing support network in place for all staff and an open-door policy where anyone from any level can engage from MD down through the organisation.

Our company values are important, and the legacy that has been created over the last 30 years alongside our reputation as a business partner and employer is at the heart of all that we do.

My entire role is designed to ensure that the consultants work as smartly as possibly, and succeed, but also are happy in the work that they do, and I am careful to promote our continued growth by making sure that the environment created for them is cultivated to ensure that all effort is rewarded, that all staff are valued and supported but most importantly that they feel that they can develop and thrive personally and professionally.

I certainly feel that I have been able to do this with Abatec, and am grateful that I am part of this company with the ethos and quality of work that it provides, and I am very pleased to have joined them just over a year ago. If I’d have known about what Abatec stands for, maybe I would have seen more of the last 30 years with them!

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