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Kelly Evans

Kelly Evans - Team Leader

I grew up in Essex before relocating with my family to Somerset in the early 90’s. The next couple of years were spent working as an Administrator for local companies, before I joined Abatec as a Trainee in 1997, a time in recruitment when CV's were kept in filing cabinets, correspondence was faxed to clients and pagers were still commonplace.

Having foolishly spread my wings (twice!) before finally concluding that the grass is most definitely not greener; I re-joined Abatec in June 2004 as a Recruiter on the Trades & Labour desk. Abatec have always been supportive of their staff and encourage progression, and over the following years I have been promoted, changed departments and then promoted again. Now in my 14th year, I am Team Leader of both the White Collar and Trades & Labour teams.

Throughout my employment, I have found that Abatec encourages staff to spend time getting to know their clients, to meet with them and gain a better understanding of their individual needs. They provide us with an environment where we can work with autonomy, making our own decisions and having accountability for the candidates we find and place with our clients.

For me, the main reason I like working at Abatec is that unlike a lot of our competitors, we are not targeted on the amount of calls we make or the amount of CV’s that we email out. This ensures that we only supply our clients with suitably qualified and experienced staff, which in turn reinforces our values and ensures long-standing business relationships. When I joined Abatec in 1997 the founding principle was quality over quantity, a code we still abide by today.

Since my early days in recruitment, I have seen many changes in the construction industry; an improvement in health and safety standards on site, the introduction of the CSCS/CPCS card schemes as well as an increase in the number of women coming into the industry; something I hope will continue to gain momentum.

Thankfully since my early days recruitment, technology has also come a long way, although I will always have a soft spot for receiving a hand written CV in the post!

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