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Dogsbody for a day

Dogsbody for a day

Our fundraising team have been hard at work trying to think of some mini-events that we can run throughout the year in order to raise as much money as possible for our chosen charities. The first event will be named “Dogsbody for a Day” and will raise money for the Bone Cancer Research Trust.

Our wonderful management team (minus one who is conveniently on maternity leave!) have agreed to take part in this event whereby staff can nominate them and donate money in order to make the overall winner (the person with the most money donated) the office dogsbody for the day.

There is already some “tactical donating” going on and we can’t wait to find out the outcome on 16th April!

And the “winner” is…

With a lot of “tactical donating” going on, the winner (depending on how you look at it) of the Dogsbody for a Day fundraiser was none other than Operations Director, Richard Buchanan!

So, just days before running the London Marathon, Rich had to run around being the office dogsbody. The team had him making tea and coffee throughout the day, going out and getting lunch (from here, there and everywhere!), putting the arms back on to office chairs and generally doing the jobs no one wants to do.

Most inventive task requested was from Jack who requested that Rich visit each member of the team on the hour and tell them something he likes about them!

Well done Rich, you are a good sport!

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